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  1. Concencerto

    They sing the body, electrically.

  2. Build an “e-Community Centre” with Diaspora

    [e-Participation] is easier when done within familiar surroundings and amenities.

  3. e-Participation

    Civic engagement is more than a “nice-to-have”.

  4. Kitchener City Hall Abax

    A design for interactive digital visualization in a unique public forum.

  5. Typography at 'Endless Design'

    Kirk's original type design appears in Endless Design, a group show at OCAD University.

  6. Leadership Book Review

    For the Leadership Waterloo Region Newsletter.

  7. Night of Unsettled Stars

    It’s an evening of performance where nothing happens, or tries to, 120 times.

  8. Public Chess Reimagined

    Joining the “internet of things”, a public chessboard shares the community’s chess and checkers matches with the worl...

  9. Transparency requires technology

    Government transparency is the piggy magnet on the moral refrigerator.The gadget hangs in our faces, poised to digita...

  10. Ourselves, Together

    I went shopping recently...for my own identity.

  11. Bob Delaney's Worst Nightmare

    MPP Bob Delaney indicts online voting in The Star (Online voting: theultimate hackers’ challenge, 1 August) with a se...

  12. So let me get this straight...

    Static websites, like that designer chair our parents sold in a yard sale.

  13. Poor Alignment Between Tech and Politics

    Ten thousand years of technological progress is enough to let us put a man on the moon. It’s not enough to prevent a ...

  14. The Prisoners

    Do you see a certain knowing glance around the coffee klatch when the talk turns to Senate reform? Perhaps a raised e...

  15. The Canadian Senate needs a Ghost

    The never-ending struggle for Senate reform—change, abolish, change, abolish—represents nothing less than a existenti...

  16. Keystone of Internet Democracy

    Internet voting and electronic democracy are today’s go-to inspiration for repairing a broken Parliament. We’re all d...

  17. Art of the State

    Would you invest in a business where the principals range from quirky to deranged? Would you invest in a consumer pro...

  18. Tango, Interleaved

    Tango has a reputation for being passionate, right?

  19. Internet Democracy/Conversation Café

    The latest Bourne movie features an electrifying wolf attack, a tense vision of predation. The rogue spy hero, on the...