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Amy’s Garden

Amy’s Garden is a Chrome app using Three.js/WebGL to animate a virtual garden.

It connects to a Muse brain-sensing headband through OSC messages sent from Muse middleware via UDP. In future, I hope to connect to Muse directly via the Bluetooth API: that will make Amy’s Garden practical for home users.

Amy's Garden at the Button Factory

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I’m a member of Leadership Waterloo Region alumni council.

LeaderFeed helps keep LWR alunmi current in leadership development. It auto-curates a list of the most relevant content from a selection of sources.

Here’s a video that gives the whole story:

Mobile Apps

I’ve written a few applications for mobile.

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Older projects

Candidate Questionnaire is a Drupal module that lets election observers and administrators create online questionnaires for candidates.

Candidate Questionnaire in Sandbox.