Here are some ideas I helped bring to life:

Motion Amplification

The Perimeter Institute BrainSTEM festival introduced students and the public to advanced concepts in science.

Motion amplification, based on a paper from MIT and VAmp software, amplifies slight motion and colour changes.

I tailored VAmp to work for a festival exhibit, learning the software and configuring it for deployment.

Onlookers were amazed to see my wrist pulse, barely visible to the naked eye, throbbing under the gaze of VAmp software.


I’m proud to play an advisory role in POET Displays. Matt’s vision and energy are infectious, and he will add innovation to the arena of point-of-experience digital communications.

I provided consulting services at various stages of POET’s evolution. Embedded hardware and software make POET a distinctive proposition, and I’m glad I could lend my experience with interfacing and standards investigation.